All of our headset caps are the most standard size in the industry, which is 32mm (1 & 1/8″) diameter threadless caps.
You can remove your current headset cap by removing the center bolt with an allen wrench, and simply replace your old cap with your new cap using the same bolt. The process is very easy and simple.
6061 T6 is a common form of aluminum. The T6 refers to the temper or degree of hardness, which is achieved by precipitation hardening. This grade has a good strength-to-weight ratio. With great formability and weldability, it is used for engineering and structural applications.
Yes, absolutely! We do offer single caps with our designs or customized with your text.
Very durable aluminum, you won’t damage or destroy these through normal use.
Our unique laser technology uses a “cold” process to etch very precisely and permanently. This isn’t a normal sloppy engraving. The text will be whitish looking, which is the result of etching the external color away and slightly etching the aluminum beneath.
If we create a new design for you, that will usually take 2-3 days, and once you approve the design and pay the invoice, production happens within a few days. We’ll work with you if you have schedule constraints to make sure you’re happy.
Yes we live on bulk orders! We know that as a business owner yourself you need great pricing and bulk orders enable our best economies of scale.
Typically we carry, Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Gold and Orange. We have access to suppliers who can create unique colors if needed.
This is really customer preference. Do you want a Logo, a few BIG and BOLD words, or do you want to tell a more detailed story? We’ll work with you to create something wonderful.